02.16.11 Update

The Arduino Board for the Trojan Crane has been ordered! I got an UNO. Thank you everyone who has donated so far! Can’t do it without you! If anyone has Arduino experience and would like to assist my fumbling n00b efforts in making the electronics work, feel free to contact me! sara r cannon at gmail dot com.

My good friend Andrews Thomson is going to take a look at the model and tweak the CAD and soon we’ll know exactly how much wood we need and what angles to cut it at. Again, if anyone has any 2×4’s you want to go into the crane, please send them this way! Also, if you live in Birmingham and want to help on a Saturday with the crane build out, let me know! This crane is for you!


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Update 2/8/11

Photo by the Arduino Team

Sorry its been a while since a Crane update. I’ve been busy moving into a new house.. this new house has a basement. (a.k.a. trojan crane birthing ground) 🙂
So, its time to get started! this weekend I’m going to be gathering wood and setting up power tools / hanging lights and getting the shop ready to start all out crane production! I will also be purchasing and Arduino board to start fooling with the electronics and programming. If anyone wants to help, I would love any Arduino advice (I’m so new to this) or carpentry help. If you have any straight 2×4’s you want to donate… let me know and I’ll come pick them up!

Thanks for all your support thus far!

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Starting Production

Crane Supporters,

With the small prototype finished, I’m going to be starting production on the crane very soon! How exciting! If you have not re-pledged your released Kickstarter pledge, you can so so via directly here:

Every little bit helps! Here are some of my needs right now:
1. Wood 2×4’s – I currently have about 8 of these which is not enough to build the crane. You can donate $ for me to buy more OR if you know of anyone in the Birmingham area that have any good 2×4’s lying around that they want to donate send me an email: sararcannon@gmail.com and I’ll come retrieve the donated wood! (must be in good shape, not warped or left outside)
2. Small Trailer or Some Sort of Wheel Axis – I am looking for a small open trailer to build the crane off of. this can be just something you pull around behind your lawnmower or car. Either that or some other sort of wheel axis. I am looking for any engineering suggestions on this part. (this crane has got to roll!)
3. Fabric – I need to start making the fabric planes for the panels on the crane. I am estimating that It is going to cost at LEAST $60 to purchase all the yardage needed.

Thanks for your support of the crane! I am really excited to see this crane come together piece by piece with your help.

the world needs it.

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Prototype / Wooden Structure

I have started on the initial prototype of the Trojan Crane. The model is made out of balsa wood and glue. I’m measuring angles and the next steps will be to take measurements for the fabric side panels and construct them out of the appropriate materials. It is really awesome to see the beginnings of this come together and have a three dimensional visual as to what the form will be. I’ll post up more (and higher quality photos) as this phase moves along. Don’t forget, you can always donate to the project! you will be rewarded!

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Progress Report 10.30.10

Thank you everyone who has contributed to the support of the crane! Your support means so much to me!  In talking with a lot of community members here in Birmingham, I know that the crane is going to be widely accepted and I hope to raise the rest of the funding in stages. Other community members have offered free wood from their backyards, so I plan on utilizing those resources as well to cut back on costs.

All of your support has given me such encouragement, and I am just overwhelmed by how supportive you all have been for my project and in your help in spreading the word!

Keep track of this blog documenting the construction process. I am also going to put up an online form to get suggestions on sayings, words, and symbols to embroider on the fabric panels of the crane. I can not wait to see what you all suggest!

Your contribution to the support of this sculpture and art is absolutely incredible!

the world needs it….


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Kickstarting the Trojan Crane!

Initial Trojan Crane rendering sent to Andrew

Initial Trojan Crane rendering sent to Andrew

Just to give y’all a little bit of background, I’ve had this idea for this sculpture for quite some time. I spoke to a couple friends about the crane, and Andrew and Duquette were on board for assistance. However, the enormity and complexity of the project was seemingly overwhelming, particularly when it comes to funds for the supplies. I had to come to a very hard conclusion that I am going to need help in order to actually produce this crane properly. Thus, Kickstarter came in. Thanks for all who are supporting the cause and the art. I hope that you will see the unveiling of the Trojan Crane and I hope to leave some surprises for you all. Thank you for your support!

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